Calls for creation

Bleue (Blue)

The second prize of the 2016 Cité’s call for creation goes to the plastic artist Marie Sirgue for her project Bleue, a tapestry project of 2m x 3m, which, in the preciousness of its weaving, will pursue to give the illusion… of the pettiest of the construction site’s tarpaulin.

Marie Sirgue lives and works in Toulouse. Multi-medium, her work questions mankind and his uses. From a project, she will go and look for the most appropriate technic. She is interested in the notion of “reverse counterfeiting”: by coming from a trivial model, a common object of minor value, she imagines how to give a nobler copy.

Marie Sirgue experimented for the Cité’s call for creation: from a montage of several photographs from a construction site’s tarpaulin, which just came out of its wrapping, with its wrinkles and its play-on-light thanks to the use of a deported flash, she proposes a big project in trompe l’oeil style, in the draped textile tradition of the historical Aubusson tapestry. For this project, the hangs play with effects of shine, iridescence and light should give the illusion of the plastic being crumpled. Marie Sirgue produces a blur between the original tarpaulin’s framework and the weft of the tapestry, precisely by playing with the technical language of the tapestry, flacked fabric or flat tint. The blues are electric, willfully artificial.

The weaving was entrusted to the Atelier A2 in Aubusson.