Calls for creation

Panoramique polyphonique (Polyphonic pan shot)

Cécile Le Talec, First Prize – 2011 Call for contemporary creation

Cécile Le Talec builds her work, very influenced by the anthropology, by giving body to the sounds.

Looking for having happen in a material way, what is, by nature, immaterial, the sound can become in its various installations a mere object or silence. Sound is there, but it can or cannot be. In the same way, the bird producer of sound(s) and inspiration(s) can be present or absent. The breath, plastic art tool of preference for the artist, structures his consideration to give the sound its materiality. The breath is music and the music is architecture. The architecture becomes landscape and Mankind evolves in this landscape.

Woven and sonorous architectural project, Panoramique polyphonique invites the visitor to penetrate the woven space and its blue light to listen to a soundtrack mixing bird’s singing and the whistled language of Gomera’s Island (the silbo), itself being part of UNESCO’s immaterial cultural Heritage of Humanity. The soundtrack gives to the invisible birds a presence, as a reminder that they inhabit in silence the Aubusson tapestries since the 15th Century. The warp threads, hidden, evoke the vocal cords, never visible, but always present in one’s ear. By penetrating the pan shot, Mankind engages in a circular horizon.

In this circular music room built to human scale (2,20 m high and 2,20 m of diameter), the tapestry is both the space and the symbol. All the tapestry’s threads are tucked in to create a “double-face” impression. This architectural device sets a panoramic brain. It translates the music into the image on the scale change, through the replication of an immense detail – the spectrogram of bird’s singing – in a plastic art approach, which gives form to material support. The detail becomes the everything in a melody as universal as the birds’ word.

The weaving of Panoramique polyphonique was realized by the Atelier A2 in Aubusson. It has been inaugurated on the 29th, June 2013 at the Centre Jean Lurçat in Aubusson. The piece was notably exposed at the Zheijang Art Museum upon Hangzhou’s first international Three-year of textile art in China, in 2013.

Represented by the Parisian gallery School Gallery, Cécile Le Talec has been exposed in several regional Founds of contemporary art, but also abroad, in galleries and contemporary art museums (Mexico, Russia, and China).